Feel FreeFeel Free

I am an expert in stress management. I use reflexology and coaching to help small business owners have more energy to better serve your clients, which will help you make more money so that they can get the freedom they got in business for themselves for.

Small business owners are a unique breed. The toughest of the tough.

Too many hours. All the responsibility. Very little thanks. Not enough cash.

I know. I bought the T-shirt.

Then had to sell the t-shirt again to pay the wages.

We get into business for ourselves because we can’t work for The Man.

If we were our own boss, we said, we’d do a far better job than the guys we’re working for. We’d make pots of money and we’d be able to spend all day playing golf or with the kids or both maybe. Or whatever your particular flavor of freedom is.


And yes, that is possible.Stressed businessman looking at a light bulb drawn on a light bu

For some.

Is that you?

If you’ve read this far, it’s fair to say that it’s probably not.

But you’d like it to be, yes?



Building your own business is a hugely stressful pursuit and the build up of stress is, in itself, a major contributor to those high levels of stress. A self continuing cycle, if you will.

You start off, high on the buzz of enthusiasm and adrenalin, “stress” by its more acceptable name, probably carrying in the stress-load garnered by the finance-raising, logistics and emotional turbulence involved in launching a start-up, then the endless hours and efforts to gain traction.

If you’re lucky, then you might get a bit of stability, more likely you’ll be firefighting: too few clients, too many clients, too few staff, non-performing staff, competition.

Stress layering on stress. You get negligent with your health. Too much food or too little food. The wrong foods. And who on earth has time to exercise?

Research by Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne, Australia suggests that Business owners are “vulnerable to the dark side of obsession,” many entrepreneurs, they found, displayed signs of clinical obsession, including strong feelings of distress and anxiety, which have “the potential to lead to impaired functioning,” the very drive that makes them entrepreneurs can blind them to the need to look after themselves.

The more stressed you become the more difficult it is to think clearly and function efficiently. You react to the loudest noise or the most annoying customer, not from a strategic or thought out position. You fail your staff because your high stress levels kill your empathy and you forget how to manage. You shout, you snap, you forget to encourage. You disengage your team and production falls. Your worry increases and you stress more.

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Stress is like a ratchet. Picture a clockwork mechanism, a wind up spring. In the beginning it is in a relaxed state. Then, as we wind the key, we add stress to the spring. Initially we can add lots of stress, big turns of the key, because there is lots of capacity in the spring.

But, as the tension builds in the spring, it doesn’t take much to make it wind tighter and tighter. The more stress piled into the spring the harder it is for the spring to take any more. Until, one last tiny little turn of the key, one last lost customer, and sproinnnnnng.

Heart attack. Slipped disk. A physical or even mental breakdown.

I release the spring. Before it goes sproinnnnng.

Physically, I use reflexology to switch off the Sympathetic Nervous System, the Stress Response, and activate the Parasympathetic Nervous System the Relaxation Response

I remind your body what it feels like to be relaxed and teach it the pathways to make it easier to find that feeling again.

We can do this in a half an hour.

Investing half an hour in yourself will give you an almost immediate payback.

If you’re willing to invest just a half an hour then contact me to see what we can do.