Mens Health

Time running out?I help men in their 40’s and 50’s manage midlife without the clichés of lycra, love affairs or low-slung sports cars.

Crisis? What crisis?

You never thought that it would ever happen to you, but somehow you’re middle aged.

You’re creakier and crankier. There’s a lot more around the middle and a little less on top.
You can’t really do the late nights anymore and nowadays, hangovers take days to recover from.

You’re resisting the belief that your career trajectory is plateauing and you mightn’t get that Aston or Shelby or 32 footer.

Don't give up

Maybe you’ve had a diagnosis, a divorce, a death. or depression or some other disaster.

You look at yourself and you think that you’d better do something, because if something doesn’t change, then, well . . .

Something has to change.


So, what can you actually do?

You can make a decision.

You can choose to row your own boat.


Enjoying a day out

You can decide that caring for yourself and for your body is not selfishness and that it is, actually, a necessity.

And, as a matter of fact, you owe it to yourself, and those that love you, to figure out what’s really important for you.
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And then, you actually have to put in some consistent, persistent, thoughtful effort into actioning them.

Hopeless to Hero Meta model copy


I’ve adapted a program I developed to help men recovering from Prostate Cancer Surgery to help men regain control of their bodies and their circumstances, become more connected to themselves and their loved ones and regain their confidence in themselves and in life.

So, if you’re ready to make a change, or want to find out how to get ready to make one, then book in for a chat.